Access control systems

If you want to maintain the highest level of security in the premises of the facilities you manage, we offer integrated, professional access control systems for rooms and zones in buildings. Thanks to them, you can be 100% sure that a given person, who is an employee or guest of the company, is only in a place where they can stay on the basis of the rights granted to them.

What do access systems consist of?

The access control systems we offer include a set of compatible, integrated devices that make up the internal security of the facility. The basic elements of each of these systems are:

  • readers - their task is to identify people intending to cross the borders of a specific zone and verify their permissions. There are proximity magnetic card readers (transponders) and biometric readers that allow you to read fingerprints or scan the iris of the eye,
  • access cards used to authorize authorizations,
  • controllers - communication devices between the reader and the software,
  • software containing the data of individual people along with the type of rights granted to them. Depending on the type of software, it may offer a number of additional functionalities, such as generation of attendance lists, timesheets or HR and payroll documents.

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Card lock or standard security?

Currently, traditional security solutions, such as key locks or simple access control systems, no longer fulfill their functions. Anyone can make additional door keys, the same goes for the deactivation of the alarm. The solution that will allow for multidimensional, comprehensive protection of confidential zones and rooms in every enterprise is the access system, which allows free granting, modification and withdrawal of authorizations to individual persons staying on the premises of the company's facilities. Door access control or the inability to enter a specific area by an unauthorized person are just some of the many options we offer.


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