Specialist security systems offered by QITNetworks

As part of our offer, we offer you many services, which include professional monitoring and alarm systems, as well as security systems that allow you to control the access of employees and company visitors to individual rooms of your facility.

Depending on your needs, we can only undertake the design of a given infrastructure or carry out the entire project - from initial plans, to the assembly and configuration of devices included in the installation and the preparation of relevant documentation for it. At your request, we are also able to modernize, repair or improve the security systems already existing in the company. Regardless of the chosen option of cooperation, on our part we guarantee meticulousness, reliability and actions closely tailored to the needs reported to us and the general specificity of your business.

We offer fully comprehensive security systems

The security systems included in our offer allow us to obtain a uniform, integrated, reliable and extremely effective protective infrastructure, which may include:

  • monitoring, including specialized CCTV systems,
  • a wide range of alarm systems, equipped with sensors and detectors of motion, intrusion, passage, light, smoke, fire, temperature, humidity or gases,
  • security systems focused on access control, based, for example, on magnetic sensors located within doors, windows or garage doors,
  • various types of automatically controlled blockades to prevent theft or escape from the scene,
  • many additional elements thanks to which the security systems increase their effectiveness, such as code keypads equipped with the option of signaling the central unit to enter the password under duress.

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