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Our company provides modern network solutions for businesses, which often become the heart of a thriving enterprise. A wide range of our services includes:

  • designing wireless and cable networks,
  • building a network from scratch in companies,
  • delivery of network and telecommunication devices with the possibility of their configuration

Building networks confirmed by the QITNetworks certificate

The construction of modern networks in companies must be planned in such a way as to ensure the possibility of effective transmission of text, graphic and audio files and to facilitate group work and communication in real time.

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Our company provides the highest quality network solutions and services for private and industrial use

Immersion cooling

Immersion cooling is an alternative to traditional air cooling. With immersion cooling, you can get rid of fans and reduce energy consumption.

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Optical fibers

FTTH is a modern solution that provides fast and stable internet - also for private and home use.

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Copper networks

We create an infrastructure based on copper networks that are characterized by low failure rate and easy maintenance. We can also combine them with fiber for best performance.

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We offer reliable closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems as well as cameras, recorders and alarm systems, thanks to which you will take care of your safety.

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Networks certification

We check the correct operation of the network, its correlations and technical condition to ensure its failure-free operation and reduce the risk of failure.

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Industrial networks

We create industrial networks from "A" to "Z", which enable professional control of the operation of machines and individual processes in the enterprise.

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