Immersion cooling is the answer to more effective and maintenance-free cooling of electronic devices such as: graphics cards, processors, motherboards and cryptocurrency miners. It consists in immersing the cooled devices in a specialized dielectric fluid, which effectively dissipates heat and provides greater possibilities of overclocking the power of devices, which equates to extracting the maximum possibilities from them. Thanks to the use of this method of cooling, we resign from standard fans and filters, which translates into saving time and money dictated by replacement, cleaning of housings and devices from dust accumulated in them and on them. Thanks to the use of a specialized fluid, we do not have to worry about the safety of the devices immersed in it, because it does not conduct electricity. Our home computers, large data centers or cryptocurrency mines become less susceptible to various types of failures caused by high operating temperatures or operation in unfavorable environments. Due to its advantages in these aspects, immersion cooling is the future for cooling electronic devices. We want to address our offer not only to companies with large amounts of devices in data centers, cryptocurrency mines, which may become the future of means of payment, but also to individual customers who have personal computers in their homes often used for demanding tasks or increasingly resource-consuming games. The benefits of switching from traditional to immersion cooling include:

Save time and money - by reducing the number of fans, filters and user support to a minimum, immersion cooling provides an excellent way to save energy or replaceable components of air cooling systems while increasing the hardware capabilities of a given platform through overclocking.

Maximum possibilities of systems - thanks to the use of solutions based on immersion cooling, we are able to get the maximum possibilities from our equipment through overclocking, while maintaining stable and low temperatures.

Environmental protection - the solutions we use have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of carbon footprint generated at the stage of production and use of given solutions.

Heat recovery - thanks to our solution, we are able to reuse the heat generated by electronic devices for heating rooms, utility water, greenhouses, etc.

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We have divided our offer into 3 main sectors:

Individual customers - an offer of computer cases designed for the most demanding users, expecting from their equipment maximum possibilities and minimum service, as well as failure-free operation throughout the life of their computer.

Cryptocurrency mine owners - the offer is addressed to both beginners and those who have been mining cryptocurrencies for years. Huge energy consumption, very loud noise, huge amount of heat, dust, vibration and moisture, regular maintenance of dirty excavators, no possibility to overclock already heated devices, we know very well how to deal with it.

Datacenters - along with the growing demand for Internet services, the processing of more and more information on the Internet or the development of IoT, the demand for more effective datacenter operation at every level is also growing, our solutions are able to ensure minimization, savings and security. In particular, the offer is aimed at data centers specializing in AI (artificial intelligence) using the most efficient graphics systems.


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