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For most businesses, computers are an essential part of their daily work. Many companies use innovative technological solutions to store and track information, communicate with customers or suppliers, and design and manufacture products. It is not uncommon for large companies to have up to several hundred computers in one office. Most often they are connected by the Internet network, which enables the exchange of information between individual units. It is nothing but a system of computers, peripheral devices, terminals and databases connected by communication lines. Every business is as productive as its weakest component. Don't let it be e.g. a LAN. Incorrectly selected or defective computer networks can paralyze the entire company, directly affecting the financial results.

Designing telecommunications networks by experienced specialists

Telecommunications networks can be used to connect devices in the same building or devices that are many kilometers apart. Our company deals with both systems for small businesses and the most extensive computer networks. Certified IT experts, while maintaining the highest standards of connectivity and effective operation, will adjust the network infrastructure to the requirements of your company. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and experience in working with very demanding entities, we know what to do to ensure that the Internet or telecommunications network serves reliably for many years.

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Copper or fiber networks?

Each of these solutions has its advantages and disadvantages. As part of our activity, we can create an infrastructure based on a copper network, which is characterized by low failure rate, simpler maintenance, expansion and maintenance, and a lower price. On the other hand, the optical fiber network provides greater throughput, better signal strength and higher resistance to electromagnetic interference. To maintain a balance between cost optimization and system performance, we can combine copper and fiber networks. We flexibly adjust each project to the customer's requirements.

Designing telecommunications networks for enterprises and corporations

A computer network in a small office is usually quite different from the computing environments that serve large organizations, often referred to as corporate networks. These types of telecommunications networks can have thousands of users and cover a wide, very complex variety of servers, mainframe systems, network links, and the like. A corporate internet network can serve multiple geographic locations and buildings at any location. It often combines several thousand high-class devices that must be operated by specialized administrators responsible for computer networks.

Building a computer network in a small office or company

Smaller organizations have more modest requirements for information systems. In this case, the LAN network may include only a dozen computers, several printers and other devices. A telecommunications network for a small office must enable members of a given organization to conveniently share information, transfer files and seamless communication. The ICT needs of most small organizations can be satisfied by a single LAN with one or two servers, using ready-made components. Unlike a corporate network, a small office Internet network can usually be managed by a single person with only basic technical knowledge and moderate experience of issues such as Internet networks.

Copper networks - adapted to the needs and expectations of the client

Although small business networks do not have the same scale as their counterparts in large enterprises or corporations, the problems in creating, using, and maintaining them are similar. A good computer network must be simple but functional, secure and scalable. As the company grows, the telecommunications network should also be easy to expand.

Even if the scale of the initial work environment and the requirements associated with it are small, avoid making technological decisions that may limit the development of your business. Our company guarantees designing a computer network that not only provides maximum system performance, but also easy scaling in the future. We comprehensively plan the work, deliver modern, effective computer networks regardless of the size of the enterprise, office, institution and any other entity.

Copper network and perfect preparation for project implementation

The construction of a computer network must be planned in such a way as to finally provide a number of possibilities for its use, including effective transmission of various types of text files, graphics, images or voices and creating a comfortable, reliable environment for remote work. Before we start designing your LAN network, we will determine exactly what activities you will use it for. The basis of this approach is a complete evaluation of the expected functionality. Thanks to this, you will save funds on possible later modernizations, which are often required by poorly designed telecommunications networks.

We will take the appropriate amount of time to analyze all the tasks you want to automate or improve through the computer network. What business applications will you support? Do you just need to provide shared access to specific files, or do you support extensive multi-user databases? Do you need e-mail? WWW server? Running a warehouse and point-of-sale operations? After analyzing all the tasks and functions that your internet network should fulfill, we will also select the appropriate components. The copper network is so reliable and efficient that it can easily cope with all the aforementioned activities.

Designing a LAN network - what size should a telecommunications network be?

When planning computer networks, we take into account their potential number of users and intensity of use. We build copper networks, anticipating the future growth of a given company or institution, and thus adding many possibilities to expand the functionality of the system. We try to calculate what capacity your computer network should have in a few years. We take into account the number of new users, but also a significant increase in the demand for user data storage. We design a LAN network in such a way that it is easy to integrate into it constantly changing technologies.

Copper network - a reliable and versatile solution

It is important that the company's telecommunications network is built using high-quality, industry-proven components. In this way, a computer network will be created that is not only easy to manage or maintain, but also guarantees many years of trouble-free use. In our projects, we use, among others reliable copper networks. This traditional infrastructure is an effective solution for both small businesses and larger entities.

The copper network allows for fast and stable data transport, it is characterized by optimal throughput, good level of interference suppression and a solid standard of security. Designing telecommunications networks based on copper networks, in addition to standard functionalities, it can provide, among others effective maintenance in a production plant, fast data transfer between individual devices or integration of control systems.

Building a computer network - efficient implementation and maximum security

Designing a computer network should put the security of a given system in the first place. In our work, we always make sure that the resulting telecommunications network is properly protected. The servers are located in closed rooms, equipped with fire protection systems and cooling, thanks to which the copper network can function under ideal conditions.

We build all computer networks according to a well-planned schedule. We assign priorities to each element and first of all we deal with those functionalities that are necessary to run the entire system. Telecommunications networks - their installations - are well described and documented, which reduces the time needed to solve possible problems in the future.

Copper networks - why should you choose them instead of optical fibers?

Currently, computer networks can be designed in three ways - using copper networks, optical fibers or wireless technologies. Optical fibers work very well in corporate networks as a backbone infrastructure. They provide good throughput and optimal security. However, the big disadvantage is the fact that building a computer network with the use of optical fibers is expensive, and the installation and maintenance of a system based on this solution is quite complicated, requiring specialist knowledge.

Most of the LANs in operation are copper networks. This type of cabling is relatively inexpensive and can support a wide variety of telecommunications networks. Most of the UTP cables used in this case contain four pairs of copper conductors. The quality of the wire and the number of twists determine the electrical properties of the cable, which affects Internet networks. A correctly twisted cable will be less susceptible to interference and will provide high data throughput. When designing a computer network, and then carrying out the order, we use only high-quality cables. As a result, our computer networks are extremely reliable. We also make sure that all used sockets, connectors and other elements included in the telecommunications network are of the highest quality.

Professional design of telecommunications networks - experienced experts

The smaller the telecommunications network, the more tempting it is to install this system on your own. Perhaps this procedure will allow you to save a little on the cost of implementation, but it can be very disadvantageous in financial terms in the future. A poorly designed and constructed LAN will be ineffective and highly fail-safe. Its modernization will increase the costs of the entire project many times over.

If you are going to design a computer network in your company, decide on the support of experienced professionals. Our specialists will quickly complete even the most complex orders, including Internet networks, LAN networks and other telecommunications networks. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We design internet networks in accordance with the highest standards, using the best components available on the market.


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