A server for the company in a mobile room

We help our clients increase efficiency and productivity with a wide range of server infrastructure solutions, tailored to their needs. Each server we create for a business is based on proven, well-thought-out specifications, developed on the basis of experience and expertise. We design mobile server rooms that can be transported anywhere in the world, with complete equipment, including: cabinets, power distribution, cooling, cabling, environmental monitoring or fire suppression.

Why is it worth choosing mobile server rooms for companies?

Portable server rooms are often the only solution when space in the enterprise building is limited and there is no possibility or need for advanced construction works to expand it. It is also an excellent alternative for companies that have to decide to move temporarily. Mobile rooms with servers only require installing the system and connecting it to the company's infrastructure. They significantly accelerate the procedure of creating a corporate server room. They are also distinguished by lower electricity consumption than their classic counterparts.

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Development of a company with a portable server room regardless of location

Due to the fact that mobile server rooms can be placed on a truck, ship or train, they are quickly transported anywhere in the world. This enables the most complex technological operations of a given enterprise to be carried out. Mobile servers also allow you to conveniently scale the company's operations - along with its development, you can add new modules and perfectly adjust the server infrastructure to the current needs of the company. The mobile rooms we design guarantee maximum security of the infrastructure, are resistant to weather conditions and equipped with advanced systems for cooling devices or extinguishing a fire. We combine extraordinary performance and reliable operation, providing proven servers for companies.


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