Audit of Wi-Fi wireless network

We perform professional predictive, passive and active audits of wireless networks. Using the appropriate tools to measure the parameters of existing networks, we carry out a comprehensive Wi-Fi network security audit. Our careful analysis allows us to solve the performance and quality problems in the WLAN and their proper maintenance. A WLAN network audit is an indispensable solution when planning network expansion.

Professional wireless network audit is a particularly important option also for projects with high quality requirements for WLAN networks, i.e. projects with high user density and throughput. It's also useful for custom objects. We perform in them, among others propagation simulation for signal coverage and we select appropriate antennas for objects with mezzanines, high storage or selective coverage.

The results of the analyzes are always presented in writing with a detailed discussion of the specialists who carry out the measurements. The reports also include recommendations for configuration changes that take into account full Wi-Fi security and best practices.

Designing a WiFi network

We design wireless networks in production halls, warehouses, office buildings and any other buildings. We use professional EKAHAU Site Survey software, which allows us to plan the proper placement of Access Points based on the performance requirements of the planned network, facility plans and network requirements in the context of the application. When designing a Wi-Fi network, we take into account, among others the expected transmission speed, the number of clients served, the ability to transfer large graphic files, the use of voice and video connections, as well as redundancy in the event of a failure and ensuring coverage of the indicated area.

We prepare a comprehensive simulation of operation and a design of a wireless network along with the deployment of APs within the facility. We provide full service implementation, from creating a plan to its execution. We implement and maintain networks designed by us.

We design a WLAN network fully tailored to the needs of companies and organizations. We offer a selection of solutions and equipment manufacturers based on a detailed analysis of customer requirements. We develop assumptions for the investment budget, taking into account the planned structural network and the exact number of APs necessary.

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EKAHAU Site Survey

We use the EKAHAU Site Survey (ESS) software in our daily work. It is a tool designed for professional planning and administration of wireless networks. It enables the optimal arrangement and configuration of devices, thanks to which we can ensure maximum efficiency and security of the Wi-Fi network. Proper arrangement of Access Points allows to obtain optimal signal strength, without inter-channel interference, as well as to maintain appropriate network capacity ensuring a reliable, stable and efficient connection in a given area. Specialized software allows you to visualize the functioning of the network in the area of ​​actual work, not only at the installation site of the access point. The data is collected by the operator on the ground, i.e. where the mobile devices actually work. Thanks to this, the visualization made presents a real and comprehensive work environment, which translates into the effectiveness of our services. Advanced mathematical models embedded in the ESS software make it possible to obtain output data taking into account the level of attenuation of ceilings, walls and other terrain obstacles.

Our specialists, using the EKAHAU Site Survey, can also quickly detect and diagnose any problems in the network, as well as design a WLAN network with optimal parameters, tailored to the individual nature of work and customer needs in the field of, among others, data, voice and RTLS location systems.

The practical software works fine on any 802.11 network, including the very popular networks with central management. It allows for comprehensive design of Wi-Fi networks. Using this tool, our specialists successfully plan a Wi-Fi network in a 3D structure, and the propagation takes into account the adjacent floors and buildings, the nature of the partitions (brick, concrete or drywall), the type of antennas and the mounting height.

When developing a wireless network design, we carefully analyze the network operation in terms of individual requirements, such as planned loads or the nature of the data being transferred. EKAHAU Site Survey also helps us to measure the useful signal level, visualize the signal-to-noise ratio, as well as measure interference with the possibility of simulation for a given network load.

The software enables a thorough analysis of the automatic network operation along with the visualization of problems for RTLS, multimedia (DLNA), VoIP or Data Transfer schemes. It allows for additional analysis of the 2.4 GHz spectrum for signals from sources other than Wi-Fi, as well as the use of GPS data for network research in open field. It also enables integration with EKAHAU Real-Time Location Tracking System location solutions, automatic preparation of reports based on defined templates and professional support in the analysis and elimination of problems with wireless transmission.

The EES tool is also used to test propagation without connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Thanks to it, it is possible to support the planning of network extensions through visualization for new access points and propagation simulation (space modeling). The software also provides a clear presentation of the measurement results in the form of maps.

Design and development of Wi-Fi / WLAN networks

In addition to the professional design of new networks, we also offer services to extend them. The extension of the Wi-Fi network is the best solution in the case of e.g. company development, expansion of its headquarters and employment of new employees.

We provide fast and efficient implementation of Wi-Fi network design and expansion services. Based on the requirements for the network sent by the client (description of the office, building, room, services launched in the network or the number of devices using it), we present a valuation of the wireless network design and set the order completion date. After accepting the initial valuation, we proceed to work. We are in constant contact with the client to obtain additional information about the floor plan, type of Access Points and other data influencing the implementation of a professional Wi-Fi network plan. Sometimes it is necessary to perform an on-site inspection, during which we examine the presence and influence of neighboring Internet networks.

After the service is provided, we send the client a detailed report containing data on the specific distribution of APs in the facility. We draw cable routes and describe possible distribution points. We include in the document theoretical values ​​of delays, inter-channel interference, bandwidth and network capacity.

Our offer is directed to organizations, companies and institutions of any size. We carry out audits, expansion and design of WLAN networks in every network project - from small office spaces, including several or several APs, to very large installations in the largest facilities. We provide services, among others hotels, holiday resorts, large office spaces, production halls and warehouses. We also analyze and design networks in sports facilities, shopping centers, museums, hospitals, WLAN networks in cities and many other buildings and spaces.

We also provide specialist advice on the selection of appropriate solutions in the field of network design and expansion, as well as the selection of the best devices. Thanks to this, our clients can be sure that the network we have created will work properly and efficiently.


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